Advice on script to fail-over OpenVPN server on high ping / latency

Looking for some greatly appreciated help writing a shell script on OpenWRT. I want the script to check ping response times for an OpenVPN connection and if the response time in ms goes over a certain threshold to then perform an action such as change the configuration file to connect to a different OpenVPN server. I will set the script up via crontab on the OpenWRT firewall.

So far I have worked out the command to get the ping result in ms that I need for the query.

ping -c 1 |  awk 'FNR == 2 { print $(NF-1) }' | cut -d'=' -f2

This will ping the IP address (in this instance Cloudfare DNS) and print the ping ms time to the screen.

I can also modify this command to write the value to a file instead by using stdbuf

ping -c 1 |  awk 'FNR == 2 { print $(NF-1) }' | stdbuf -o0 cut -d'=' -f2 > pingms

I need some help on then taking this value either via stdout or output to a text file and performing an action if the value is greater than say 100ms.

eg. if value is greater than 100ms (from command above) then execute additional command / script, otherwise do nothing

Any help would be appreciated.