Advice on N5105 mini-PC's

I'm currently looking at this little thing:

My goal here's to have a 2.5g capable router, or at least close enough, with reasonable enough room for future proofing for faster internet in the future so I'm not buying another router again. I can buy a separate AP just fine, but the devices that I expect to be using that 2.5g will be wired. I was considering a NanoPi RS5, but it seems like it can't really make great use of its 2.5g ports. Would this be a reasonable purchase for my goal, or is this CPU not powerful enough to handle that?

I'm also intending to have Valetudo running so my vacuum cleaner minds its own damn business. Would this machine be able to handle both tasks, or am I having unrealistic expectations for this budget? Or am I going about this all wrong to begin with?

it is 100% capable. A friend bought this one :
which is cheaper than yours on Amazon.
And he provided some test on openwrt here :

+2Gbps with SQM on a 2Gbps fiber line.

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Thank you, that link's quite a bit cheaper! Would there be any other CPU models that you think are worth looking at? My logic would be that if I spend a bit more and could have a VM run TrueNAS or what have you, I could get a bit more use out of the thing.

if you look at the benchmarkl below, you can see that the N6005 is clocked higher, so it can go faster.
but these devices have a longer delivery time, 1 month or more.

If you want something more powerfull, it will consume pore power.

I built my own X86 router, based on a used Lenovo Tiny M720Q (I5 9400T 8GB RAM 256GB Nvme) + a Pcie Quad port Nic card. It cost a bit more than the aliexpress device, it will consume more energy but it will be way faster :

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btw the guy in my link above, made 3 VM in his N5105 device

he says :

I installed Esxi on this little machine, and it runs wonderfully.
You just need to create an esxi iso with the i225v drivers (for the 4 2.5gbps ports).

So I deployed an openwrt VM with 2vcpu and 1Gb of ram, that's enough even with SQM active.
With the rest of the resources, I have 2 vm, a debian@jeedom and a ubuntu-server@docker :wink:

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