Advice on BT HH 5A re: lantiq vlan (gswip) issues

hello - some clarity advice please:

with the 23.05.3 the vlan/switching is not working; there is a note on the HH5A page about it but to a novice, it is unclear if it is fixed (somewhat), not fixed, in the pipeline etc from following links and patches and so on - what is the state as the vlan/dsa switching seems to have issues ?

a typical error in dmesg: gswip 1e108000.switch: port 1 failed to add 54:64:d9:2b:xx:xx vid 1 to fdb: -22

"23.05.0 has some issues in the GSWIP driver that causes problems with the DSA switch configuration. 23.05.4 should fix most of it since integrating"

thank you