Advice on a router with OpenWrt support


I'm looking for recommendations for a router and I have been going through several topics and doesn't seem satisfactory.

I want a router that support gigabit speeds. I use it for gaming (hardwired) and office and regular usage. There'll be about 10 devices connected all the time. I use openvpn/wireguard and don't plan on using external VPN provider. I use Tor/Orbot in some devices and usage with them is about an hour everyday. I'll have a pihole and unbound and will also setup a pfsense firewall in near future. I'm in US with a budget under $150 and can go upto $200 if necessary


I'd double that budget for

  • Gigabit speeds with low latency, likely with traffic prioritization and bandwidth shaping
  • 10 devices (assuming that more that one or two are active on the net at a time)
  • OpenVPN at a reasonable fraction of that speed

as you're well into the range of x86_64, managed switch, separate AP with those requirements.

Do you realize that pfSense/OpenSense is based on FreeBSD, which basically doesn't run on routers?


I mean it on a different device or will just run a vm.

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Pop in a decent dual port Intel/Broadcom NIC and you're done, perhaps not the most energy efficient x86_64 solution but it's not that bad and you'll get decent performance.

Use a separate device as AP and you'll be right above 200$