Advice for purchasing router with 5G sim card

I would like to purchase a professional modem router that works with a 5G cellular network sim card. I saw 2 top models on the market: the Teltonika RUT50X and the GL.Inet gl-x3000 (spitz ax) model.
Both have 2 SIM cards that can be alternated for automatic connection and the operating system based on OpenWRT.
(the teltonika however has the OS with proprietary webpage while the GL.Inet has its own openwrt). The GL.Inet also has a port for TF memory and inside several passive aluminum heatsinks and a fan. However, it only has two ports: 1 Wan and one Lan. The hardware is monstrous: a 1.3 Ghz dual-core Mediatek CPU and DDR4 512 MB / EMMC 8GB. The teltonika has 5 ports 1 wan and 4 lan of which a passive POE, aluminum case and very respectable hardware: Quad-core ARM Cortex A7 CPU, 717 MHz, 256 MB of RAM (100 MB available for userspace) and 256 MB (80 MB available for userspace). It also has countless settings and also the possibility of downloading additional plug-in packages.
Which one do you recommend me to buy?

Here, there can only be one answer...

The X3000 is supported by Openwrt, the one not from gl.inet.

How about NR7101 ?

The Zyxel NR7101 it's for outside, I need one for inside

You mean outdoor devices won't work, if used indoor ?

Too much air in the way.

Need lots of walls for good 5G reception.

I'm not saying that the outdoor ones don't work indoors, I need a mobile one, the outdoor ones must be permanently fixed to the pole

Not really.
Get a 5G phone and tether, can't get more mobile than that.

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Best is to buy an M.2 to ETH sled so you have the freedom to choose for your preferred router. Openwrt's support for modems isn't that good and your only option is to use ROOter but for me, this one was also far from ideal to use. Some problem with speeds such as USB maxing to 200mbps was also quite common with Openwrt that supports modem+router combo devices. M.2 to ETH sled doesn't have any compatibility issues and most importantly doesn't have the throttled usb speeds (modules usually use USB despite being plugged to M.2) since it runs using PCIE interface. We are also maintaining a project here: which you can install to have a simple dashboard that will let you control your module. However, it only supports Quectel RM5*** for now. About the router part, again youre free to choose what you want as long as it has a LAN port.

The GL-X3000 looks like the best thing to come out yet, and Gl-iNet devices are generally really solid.

The device availability for consumer, residential 5G is really lacking, everything still focuses on mobile devices. The situation still has not improved much over the last 4 or 5 years. A potential solution is to get an expensive Huawei or Zyxel 5G CPE device and then connect it to your regular gigabit OpenWRT router.