Advertise usb-printer via ZeroConf | also general zeroconf questions

Hey there,

we got a Epson xp-900 printer connected via usb to a tp-link ac1350 (Archer C59) lan/wireless router which is also our dhcp server and gateway. Printing is working well with p910nd if i configure every single windows client according to this guide. But there are some issues i would like to solve:

  1. The Epson Software, included in the printer driver, isn't able to connect. So i.e. no cartridge information can be accessed. What could be the cause?

  2. I tried several ZeroConf configs and guides but i wasn't sure if i am doing the right thing or if i am missing something, let alone which log lines i have to look for.
    The perfect aim is: Every Client (Windows, OSX, maybe Android) should be able to see and add the printer. But not even the router itself was shown in the network. Whatamidoingwrong?

  3. Which is the best solution to implement ZeroConf in a mainly windows-client-based Network?
    There is Avahi, Bonjour, umdns and Zeroconf/UPnP SSDP accoding to the openwrt manuals, with a different packages to install. Which way should i go? And how? What are the benefits and disadvantages of each method?

btw: Thank you a lot for maintaining openwrt, i am in love, kinda