Advanced searched and excluding results

I'm having trouble with my wink hub disconnecting from openwrt, and I'm trying to search the forum for 'wink', but I guess one might be able to anticipate that all my results are ":wink :wink"
I don't see a way to do a -":wink" . If there is could someone clue me in?

  • Are you joking or serious...? (Is this some kind of riddle???)
  • What are you looking for, exactly?
  • Do you need help on a problem with an OpenWrt device, or a non OpenWrt device???
  • What is "Wink" device???
  • Does the "wink" device have OpenWrt installed?

Are you talking about this???

There is no device of this brand name listed in the Table of Hardware.

Everything you asked was described in the post. No I'm not joking. If you try searching for "wink" you'll never get useful results because the emoji ":wink" will come up.

This must be your device, I've never experienced this on any device that I've browsed on. As you see, that didn't occur, and I have produced a link proving it:[Brand*~]=wink

  • Can you take a screenshot of your issue?

BTW, you never stated WINK EMOJI until Post No.3....that's why it was confusing.

Also, if you mean the forum, works too:

(you do know that the command for that emoji is spelled the same way, though, correct?)

Proof: I found a post that is not an emoji:

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His query is completely genuine. He’s talking about searching the forum, not the wiki or the ToH.

If I type “wink” into the search bar, the first result is this thread, the next 4 results at least are for posts containing forum emoji’s with the tag :wink

His question is, is there any advanced search feature where I can look for a word e.g. “bar”, but exclude results that have “foo” preceding e.g. “foobar”.

And I think the short answer is, no? But is it something that can be added?


Exactly, thanks lantis