ADSL/VDSL Configuration on the fly

I have a Tp-Link TD-W8980 V1 router running LEDE 17.01.4 and it is configured through ADSL to connect to internet. I currently do not have VDSL available but you can provide info about VDSL if available for future reference.

I have a couple of questions about ADSL configuration:

  1. How can I change the Line Mode in ADSL (or VDSL, if supported) through command line interface or LuCI (if possible)? I have tried editing the network configuration and then reloading/restarting it and also restarted /etc/init.d/dsl_control and /etc/init.d/br2684ctl but Line Mode doesn't change. It only changes if I restart the router.

  2. Also there is not a definitive list of ADSL/VDSL modes available for Openwrt (or as I know it). As the modes are available in Broadcom based routers such as G.Dmt, ADSL2, ADSL2+ etc. Openwrt provides them as G.992.1, G.992.2 etc but I need to know what code is for what mode.

  3. There is no documentation about other configuration options like SRA or Bitswap and how to enable or disable them. There is information on how to provide offset for SNR through vdsl_cpe_control --console and then using locs 0 $INT to set it and using acs 2 to resynchronize the line.

Can anyone provide info about the above configuration options in Openwrt/LEDE? Thanks.

In Luci go to Network->Interfaces, under DSL the line mode can be set using the "Annex" pull down menu.

For UCI look at

uci show network.dsl

That does not work. It changes the Line mode within the configuration but actual line mode stays the same as before and for it to actually change I have to restart the router.