ADSL Annex B modem


Is there any ADSL (ADSL2+) Annex B modem (not combo) which is compatible with OpenWRT?


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By looking at the table, there isn't one unfortunately.

With "not combo", do you mean "not a router"?

Installing OpenWrt on a supported device enables flexible configuration. This includes setting it up as a simple DSL modem (bridge), even if it was originally sold as a router.

I am using the TP-Link TD-W8980B, which is not in the list posted by @tmomas.

While your original question isn't quite non-ambiguous, there is no reason not to choose a VDSL compatible device, nor to avoid devices that would be technically considered to be a modem-router, rather than a pure modem.

Therefore I'd suggest to take a look at the vr9/ VRX2xx devices from - and check them individually for annex B compatibility (e.g. the AVM Fritz!Box or the O² Box 6431 are). Even if you don't need VDSL support, those devices aren't any more expensive (on the used market), but provide you with much more capable and future proof hardware (dual-core, faster clock speed, more RAM, more flash) and do support the various ADSL flavours just as well. Furthermore the lantiq vr9 (sub-)target gets a lot more testing by OpenWrt users and developers than its predecessors, although those 'should' still work, no one really looks after them anymore.


If you remove the filter for ADSL, also devices listed with VDSL show up:

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Thank you for such a reply. Ended up buying AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360 v1.

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