Adguardhome does not update automatically

After removing the --no-check-update line and clicking update Adguardhome, this warning appears in red. Would anyone know what could cause this bug?

My device is an MT6000. I'm using the 12/04 snapshot, but I faced this issue on older versions as well.


You need to upgrade openwrt package with opkg. If you install their binary it upgrades from web ui.

Thanks, but the package was installed from opkg. So there is some setting in OpenWRT that prevents adguardhome from being updated via the GUI.

The builtin update mechanism is not valid for openwrt.

There is a developer who created a script that enables this function. Do you know the maintainer of the adguardhome package for OpenWRT? He could check the possibility of adding this function to the package.

Despite being aimed at GL.inet routers, it works on OpenWRT.

What function you are referring to? openwrt package will not update from adware web ui.

I'm referring to updating Adguardhome directly from the Adguardhome GUI

Yes, that button is for 50MB binary blob, not openwrt package.

In this case, I meant that this script makes it possible to update adguardhome from the binary blob. Couldn't it be added to the adguardhome package?

Why can't you update it via opkg?

Opkg is not updated as often as on github.

OPKG Version: 0.107.46-r1
Github Version: 0.107.48

I assume that's due to the compile issue that's been pointed out in your other thread. On my router I can see 0.107.48 available through opkg.

But if you are in desperate need of the changes that have been introduced since .46 then you'll probably need to remove the opkg version and manually install adguardhome (this might help with that).

Snapshot has recent versions, but you are free to maintain independent blob integration package.