AdGuard Home,Netdata and SQM not working

Hi All,
I've been trying to install AdGuard Home,Netdate and SQM it works perfectly on /overlay extended usb stick. until I reboot the router and everything goes back to the default settings, I can't access Adguard Gui/ SQM and Netdata Gui due to it resetting all the install packages/setting to default, and disabling it.
Router; Linksys openwrt 3200acm
I tried different versions such as OpenWrt 21.02.3, 21.03.0, etc still no luck.
I followed him to setup it up: (26:30)
Big Thanks
Screenshot 2022-09-04 183928

Any help here!!

Resetting as in the packages are gone, or just the settings?

Both package/settings never seems to be there anymore.

Does this mean the /overlay is completely empty, post boot?

Yes, once /overlay were completely empty (had to re do the guide again and it the usb re appeared back again but that packages etc all missing had to reinstall it again) not sure about the post boot. Thanks

You might want to find out..

Sure, any ways to figure that out. Thanks I can check right now since IAM logined in to luci gui and CLI.

Oh yes! post boot is empty for /overlay after the reboot. Thanks

is it really empty, or simply not mounted ?

It's mounted and empty, let me share you the picture. Thanks


1:I've tried using Openwrt 22.03.0, the most recent version, on my Linksys OpenwWrt 3200ACM, but it simply won't mount in /overlay;

Figure1: Mounted point empty with version 22.03.0
Screenshot 2022-09-17 123209 (2)
Figure2: Overlay file system

2:With version 21.02.2, however, it mounts in /overlay (I can see the mounted USB), and after a reboot, the packets (AdGuard, Netdata SQM, etc.) are deleted. As a result, most of the time, the router is stuck at post boot or reverts to default settings, which remove all previously configured settings, etc.

mounted successfully with version 21.02.2
Screenshot 2022-09-17 125033

Screenshot 2022-09-17 125324

Result after rebooting the router: All the pre-configured settings were lost and reverted back to fresh install for some reason.

Screenshot 2022-09-17 194854

Screenshot 2022-09-17 195119
Screenshot 2022-09-17 195159

Any update or suggestions here?