Adguard Home crashes because of lack of memory. What can I do?


I am very unexperienced in OpenWRT yet.

My adguard home regularly crashes on my Asus RT-AX53U, usually after 2-3 days of functionning. Here are my logs, maybe you could see some infos I missed:

I appears to be because of a lack of memory. I know RT-AX53U isn't a powerhouse, but what can I do ? I find strange that it crashes after so long instead of immediatly. Could there be a memory leak ? Is there something I can do ? Is there a way to use an usb storage as temporary RAM ? Can I limit the RAM it uses and still have it running ?

thanks in advance for any answer, have a great day

Blocklists for adblocking purposes are huge, if you add the further orchestration around it (either dnsmasq or the adguard services) even (much) larger than that, but your RT-AX53U gives you only 256 MB in total.

There are only two alternatives:

  • get a device with more RAM
  • reduce your blocklists
    • hope that plain luci-app-adblock has less overhead than adguard

Especially in combination with adguard, you really want >=1 GB RAM; 512 MB would still be marginal.


Swapping to adblock or adblock-lean might be an option?

I'd of course mention simple-adblock especially for resource-constrained models.

You can also run https-dns-proxy and point it to a filtering resolver to offload all the blocking to the resolver from your router and get an added benefit of encrypted DNS requests so your ISP can't resell them.

Just to clarify a bit further, handling large adblock lists is already quite a burden (you can easily OOM a 512 MB RAM device with extensive blocklists alone) - but adguard does add a considerable amount of 'fluff' beyond that, which needs even more RAM (it may add convenience and more features, but at the cost of significant overhead, re-implementing parts of the software stack that OpenWrt does provide anyways).