Adguard disables Internet from the router

I am trying to install adguard into my router and i follow the guide from adguard openwrt wiki.
In general i update the system and install the adguard. Then paste the config from the wiki, for the dnsmasq. Once i do that, i am loosing ping and packet update/installation from the router. But the PCs have Internet access. Here is a print screen of what goes on in my router after the commit of the dhcp changes for dnsmasq.

Running Openwrt 23.05.2 in a x86_64 architecture

i have installed the software from

opkg install adguardhome

where is the path to add the add - '' here you could also replace with ?

google "AdGuardHome.yaml openwrt" ?

should not be better to have that info to the wiki?

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