Adding Support to a new device (Huawei Echolife DG8045)

Hello all.
I need someone who can build OpenWrt for a modem isn't supported rn.
Actually, I have not enough experience with OpenWrt.
The reason why I want OpenWrt is that my ISP limits the options for my router (I can't use WDS and more settings). They can limit them because the firmware is ONT ( It has their logo and custom things and so).
The device is called Huawei Echolife DG-8045.
Device ID: 00E0FC-21530366257SK8019781
Hardware version: VER.A
Software version: V100R018C56B311
This a link for the offical software for DG-8045 software:
dg8045huawei-dump-mac-user.rar - Yandex.Disk
And this is useful photo for the device:

Sorry if this isn't the right category for my topic, I was trying to find the best match.
If you have any firmware for this router (even if not official) please tell me because it would help me so much :weary:.

This is probably a HG532s clone

Unsupported SoC, and probably never will.

This is VDSL router not ADSL
And this is some usefu photos

If you throw it into a pond, you'll at least hear the splash…

While this might sound harsh, it's the truth. Chances for getting this supported are close to zero, even less if you're looking for someone to do it for you (who naturally isn't as motivated as you might be).

It doesn't really help that you're happily mixing photos of two very different devices here (one all-RaLink based, one with Realtek wireless but otherwise unknown internals - either of them would be lacking rather essential drivers).

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I came with these pictures from that topic:
Help adding support to a new device (DG-8045) - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum
as they stopped for a reason I do not know from providing assistance in describing this device, but it may have been due to the lack of sufficient information about the device or the lack of the original Software for the device. Why then does no one try to help us add this device to the support list for OpenWRT to help us break the manufacturer's restrictions and take advantage of the maximum possible capabilities of the device, isn't this the reason for creating this forum