Adding support for Ubiquiti UniFi 6 Extender (aka U6-Extender-EU)


I carelessly bought an Ubiquiti UniFi 6 Extender (also known as U6-Extender-EU - it has the Schuko plug, not the American Type-B).

I figured it worked like all other WiFi extenders I ever used (you plug it in - it turns on and gives you an open WiFi SSID - you connect to it, scan the waves and bridge it to the WiFi you want to extend - done) but it does not, it requires another Ubiquiti device to inherit its configuration from in what they call "wireless uplink".

My hopes to send it back and get a refund are getting slimmer and slimmer, so I'm looking if there is any chance to flash it with OpenWrt and use it in some capacity.

I logged in with the factory default configuration (reset the unit - you find an open SSID named as the MAC address on its label - you SSH to with ubnt/ubnt as login/password) and I see that I can run some commands.

I found that there is support for devices with the same hardware here and in the Git commit it is mentioned that

FIT configurations

In the future, the MT7621 UniFi6 family can be supported by a single
OpenWrt image.

config@1: U6 Lite
config@2: U6 IW
config@3: U6 Mesh
config@4: U6 Extender
config@5: U6 LR-EA (Early Access - GA is MT7622)

So, is there any chance to make this Ubiquiti U6 Extender work with OpenWrt?