Adding support for TP-Link WPA8631P V3.0

From the factory OEM image, you can use the built-in "firmware upgrade" Web UI without opening the device. Do you need to recover the device from a bad flash?

Yes, J1 is the UART. AFAIK there is no ready made guide for this device yet. You might be able to use the 1. Load system code to SDRAM via TFTP. option from the u-boot menu, maybe using the sysupgrade.bin file (not sure...)? There are generic instructions here, but they aren't very detailed.

You should be very cautious about writing directly to any areas of flash, as if you accidentally overwrite the uboot loader (fs-uboot 0x0 - 0x20000, you won't be able to do any more serial console commands and will have to recover the flash using an SOIC-8 clip and flash programmer. If you wreck your flash contents someone here can give you a copy.

Excellent thank you.

I will it a go updating from the web ui to openwrt.

One other question, do I update both units, and if so are they still both functional as power line adapter?


As stated above, 22.03 hasn't been released yet, so to decrease the risk of bricking you should avoid using SNAPSHOT builds and use 22.03-rc6 or 22.03-SNAPSHOT instead, or wait for 22.03.

For installation instructions, see the wiki page here.

By both units, do you mean the 2 devices that come as part of the "TL-WPA8631P v3 KIT"? You only need to flash the TL-WPA8631P v3.0 device itself, the TL-PA8010P is simply a Powerline-to-Ethernet Layer 2 bridge. There is no custom firmware for it, but you can upgrade it using TP-Link's PLC updater utility.

After flashing with OpenWrt, the powerline will still function, just with a bit more work compared to the ease-of-use of the OEM firmware. See the wiki page for more details on how to configure it.

Excellent, Thank you! Ill take a look at the wiki and flash the image you recommend.

In relation to the different firmware version, these firmwares are specific to these devices correct?

Where can I find the above firmware for this specific device.

22.03-rc6 or 22.03-SNAPSHOT

Thanks again!

Yes, you can find the 22.03-rc6 build here


No problem, let us know in this thread if you run into any WPA8631 specific issues.

Thanks man! I got it flashed.

Had to rename the file to the same as the original firmware file.

Now, since youre a openwrt guru, how can I flash my Huawei HG535? :stuck_out_tongue:


This thread is just about WPA8631P v3, so if you run into any issues with that other device or general OpenWrt issues you'll have to find an existing relevant thread or open another.

You can check if that device is supported here and see here for the regular documentation, or search the forums to see if anyone is already working on it. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your help man!

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i just updated from 22.03.0-rc6 to 22.03.0 and now im missing all luci* packages...
im not sure if i did something wrong or just missunderstood something?

for the upgrade i followed the wikipage: browsing webui > system > flash > uploading *sysupgrade.bin

is this excepted behavior? is this an bug? do i just install the missing packages?


The device wiki page still listed the snapshot release. I've changed it to the regular release now that it's out and checked the links work, can you try sysupgrade again?

well... i guess that wouldnt have happned if i had checked the hash-.-
works fine now, sorry and thanks alot!

Thats great.

@mks, I won't have access to my device for a while, so if you can verify everything is working OK from the wiki (WiFi, Buttons, PLC etc), I'll mark this thread as resolved :slight_smile:

Everything tests OK with the new release :slight_smile: Closing this thread as resolved. If anyone runs into issues specific to this device, please open a new thread.

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I have flashed two devices and I confirm that both powerline, rj45 and wifi works

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