Adding Support for TP-Link RE330 v1.0

Hi all, I'm getting started on my first OpenWRT development project.

I've got a serial connection on my RE330 (after a false start with some torn pads, lol)

Here's the memory layout:

| Offset | Size  | Name     |
| 0k     | 52k   | BOOTIMG  |
| 52k    | 4020k | FIRMWARE |
| 4072k  | 8k    | CONFIG   |
| 4080k  | 8k    | EXPLOG   |
| 4088k  | 4k    | PROFILE  |
| 4092k  | 4k    | RADIO    |

The total size is 4096k

The RE330 has 16MB of RAM
I'm seeing references to an mt7613b and mt7628, both of which I spotted on the board.

Before I go any further, I was hoping someone could let me know if it's possible.


Edit: Some further specs

16 MB RAM are a hard no-go (and 4 MB flash wouldn't get you much further either).

Ah, I thought that might be the case. Now I just have to decide what to do with them. I have an inkling I might have a use.