Adding support for TP-Link AXE95 (AXE7800)

Hello all.

I have purchased a TP-Link AXE95 router without researching if it had any support for custom firmwares. I'm not a developer by any means but downloaded the GPL code from TP-Link and to my surprise one of the directories is an OpenWRT directory.

Would I be able to run the make command and get OpenWRT or does TP-Link modifies and applies their own skin to it?

Even if you get it to run, the wifi will be severely crippled, if working at all.

As for official support, not happening, it's Broadcom based.

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Thank you @frollic

I'll have to re-sell this thing then.
So for the future which chipset is recommended? Qualcomm?

For devices with wifi, MediaTek and Qualcomm, in that order.

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