Adding support for SERCOMM NA502S

I have used sercomm-recovery with a secomm-device before. It worked but I had to create an image from a flash dump like detailed in here:

Since this post @csharper2005 and @MaxS0niX came up with a more suitable solution to create the file with correct OOB data (I used BBE to just pad 00's since they are discarded by the tool before flashing).

Also when you press the reset button (at least on our devices) you should get a log about what is going to be flashed and what is going to be kept, this means the flash dump has to be complete (at least till the kernel and rootfs that needs to be booted) but the bootloader and config as well as the OOB will be discarded and not changed.

I am not sure I am making sense here but I haven't played with the sercomm device for a few months but I am sure @MaxS0niX and @csharper2005 will be able to help more in regards to the tool