Adding support for SERCOMM NA502S

I've got a new device I'm trying to add support for: The SERCOMM NA502S, also sold as the A1 Smart Home Premium Gateway in Austria or the Vera Secure Gateway (I've got the A1 version). It is related to the SERCOMM NA502, but there are quite some hardware differences (see Adding support for Sercomm's NA502 for the NA502).


  • MT7621S
  • 512MiB RAM
  • 128MiB NAND
  • 2.4G WiFi
  • 5G WiFi
  • BLE
  • ZWave
  • ZigBee
  • 3G
  • Microphone Input
  • Buzzer output

U-Boot can be easily accessed via the Serial Console and does boot a kernel.
I'll have to reconstruct the partition layout from a NAND dump, because the installed OS has only very limited console output. The primary firmware image performs an automatic recovery of the second firmware image. The second kernel is much more communicative! There are no open ports, the device can only be managed by a subscription with the ISP.

Current Status (WiP):

  • Kernel Boots
  • LAN working
  • WiFi working
  • ZigBee working
  • Z-Wave working
  • 3G Module visible - untested
  • All Buttons and LEDs working
  • Installation to NAND working
  • Buzzer working

Current Problems:

  • There are two i2c GPIO expanders. They are only initialized if a third fake expander is added first, since the first initialization fails.

Current development version:

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I'm a bit surprised that the interest on this device and the "regular" NA502 is so low. Here in Austria, used devices are really, really cheap to even free (!). For me, it was the cheapest solution to get a WiFi access point with a Z-Wave module.

Z-Wave works well, too. I run zwavejs2mqtt on my NAS and connect via ser2net to the Z-Wave module.

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