Adding Support for RAISECOM DR5364

A device with 802.11ax 2x2 160MHz + 2.5G Ethernet + Dual Core A53 only costs 108 CNY (about 15 USD).

Review Video:


  • SoC: Econet EN7562CT
  • WiFi: MT7916AN + MT7976DN
  • 2.5G PHY: RTL8221B
  • Ethernet Ports: 1xWAN (2.5G) + 3xLAN (1G)
  • Flash: SPI-NAND 256 MiB (Micron FBGA: NW874 MT29F2G01ABAGDWB-IT:G)
  • DDR: DDR3 512MiB (NT5CC256M16ER-EK)

I bought one and used CH341a and WSON8 probe to get the entire flash dumped. Here is the file

I also decompiled the dtb for a quick review: raisecom-dr5364.dts.

And here is the boot log from UART: raisecom-dr5364-bootlog.txt

I have also created hack note for this device on GitHub gist, including get telnet root shell and get u-boot console.

it is supported by the Linux kernel ?

and no, stock fw booting linux / openwrt doesn't count.

The EN7562CT looks like an EN7523 variant as you can see in the dts, and the kernel has supported the EN7523. However, we still need ethernet mac drivers and NPU drivers.

AFAIK there's currently no device based on the EN7523, supported.

there's plenty for you to figure out ...

There is an airoha target which defines the en7523 SoC. I didn't check and I do not know whether the EN7562CT is then also supported, but your dts suggests so.

Please keep in mind that the target is new and that the only supported device is a development board.