Adding support for New Econet/Mediatek Device


I'm planning to publish the changes as patch done to support new device;

Econet ( acquired MediaTek) WI-FI Routers/Home gateways based on MIPS34KeC with all relevant driver /CPU changes done. Can I follow below steps in the link to support new Platform?

Any example code review to add new device would be useful.


Yes for the link, but use git please.

Other tools svn and diff are deprecated.

What do you mean with new platform, is the SoC new to OpenWRT ?

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Yeah its for new Econet board and the SoC is new to OpenWRT

Is there a similar SoC you can derive from.
How about the devices on the SoC, are the upstream ?

Yes they are. Follows some details

b. Econet 7512/7521 Ether driver
c. Econet 7512/7521 Frame Engine ( FE ) driver
d. Econet 7512/7521 command driver
e. Econet OSAL driver
f. Econet 7512/7521 QDMA LAN driver
g. Econet 7512/7521 QDMA WAN driver
h. Econet Hwnat driver ecnt 751x/752x
i. Econet Led driver ecnt 751x/752x
j. Econet MT7603 WIFI driver

Looks like most of it is a rebranded MT7512 which doesn't see the light of day, but MT7511 is/was there.
So the PR people were really busy printing new letters on old datasheets :wink:


I think this should go into
Maybe as
or so.
Please ask the Maintainer in

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Thanks Man!

Any progress? I have a similar device... It's based on MT7511

Yeah Work in Progress. Will update ETA

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Great news and great work! :slight_smile:
Just out of curiosity, will it support VDSL too?

Hello @guru,
do you have any news to share? I am not so skilled to add this new target entirely on my own, but if you have a git repository to look at, I will try to contribute! :slight_smile:


Hi @guru, i have the same hardware than you. in my country, Telecom ISP, delivers this modem/router to their home clients, so its very common to found here. you make it work?

Do you have your own github repositry? You can upload your work there.

We will attempt to work it out over here: OpenWRT support for Zyxel PMG5617GA, first GPON support !?

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