Adding support for Mikrotik Hap AX2

if it's realy 4x 1.8ghz then it's a shame why they only use 1Gb ports on such a powerfull device, that's overkill.
The RB4011 and RB5009, clocked @1.4ghz have a SFP+, and a 2.5gb port on the RB5009.
if they wanted to make it cheap, with only 1gb ports, why choose a more powerful and probably more expensive CPU ?

Btw, in a plastic case, it's going to be difficult to dissipate heat if it runs at 4x 1.8ghz

Because of AX, you need a CPU that supports it or rather expensive PCIe cards.
CPU itself has one 2.5/10G port, but they did not use it.

Despite the clock, CPU is low power and not hard to cool at all.
I have a bunch fo IPQ807x series which are more power hungry and with a decent heatsink they are all cool


The ax3600 (ipq8071a) needs surprisingly little power, 6.5 watts idle.

compared to rt3200, the mikrotik is better for fiber optic with sqm ?

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Only if NSS offloading were available (and/ or with better switch drivers).

ipq807x and ipq601x are higher spec than mt7622bv+mt7915 on paper and offer more potential, but unleashing it all will be considerably more difficult and take longer.


Both Chateau LTE18 ax and 5G ax are sold with a clearly mentioned IPQ6010 @1.8Ghz