Adding support for linksys MR7500

so, there is the open source release for the mr7500 which has the ipq807ux in I have tried finding a DTS file there with not much luck other than random ones, I have serial access to it if needed, anyone min helping me buiild it?

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will place it here also..
Linksys HYDRA PRO 6E:

IPQ6018-soc, Arm Cortex-A53-1,8GHz. chipset 2x 256MB (512MB l) DDR3 ESMC permanent storage 512MB flash Macronix.
2,4 and 5GHz : QCN5052- en QCN5022-chips.
6Ghz Qualcomm QCN9074-chipset,
frontendmodules Skyworks,
85340 = 2,4GHz
85755 = 5GHz
85784 = 6GHz-band.
Qualcomm QCA8075-ethernetchipset.
5Gbit/s-wan- Marvells AQR114C-chip.
bluetoothchipset: CSR8811

forgot this link..