Adding support for Huawei WS832

I got a spare Huawei WS832 router recently, before throwing to trash I wish to figure out is there a chance to adopt WRT to this router?

A larger image:

Tried to read the boot logs from the serial pins in red circle, not sure if it is, and not sure which one is for which since no label at all.

Some intro of this router

Hard to read the model numbers on the chips, but SOC and (2.4 GHz-) wireless appear to be realtek, which would be (very) bad.

You are right, it's realtek, the chips are,

G537P2 GG34H


G5J08P1 GG39H

If so the best option is to throw it any :rofl:.

Chances are minimal at best (and we haven't even established flash/ RAM sizes so far).

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Do you have any idea to make this router donated to community? just throwing it away is a waste on my hand since it looks very new.

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The problem here is two-fold.

  • the SOC is currently not supported by OpenWrt (search for the term 'lexra' for historic details).
  • even if the SOC were supported, the realtek wireless drivers are -to phrase it politely- not 'great', AP mode is probably not going to work at all.

On top of that, most realtek based routers are very short on flash/ RAM (often too short). I don't know anyone working on realtek routers (other than switches, rtl838x/ rtl839x/ rtl93xx) - and I don't really imagine that to change.

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