Adding support for D-Link DAP-1610 HW ver A2

Has anyone looked at DAP-1610 H/W Ver A2 yet?
I just picked one up cheap and it looks like it has CPU MediaTek MT7628A MT7628AN,
I have a bit of time to return it, but I might keep it if it looks like it would be possible to add support for it.
Looking deeper at it, the cpu looks supported by the ramips arch and on the FCC ID KA2AP1530A1 on OET FCC search site it looked easy enough to open so i kept it.
The flash chip looks to be a Winbond 25064 8MB.

You can flash the image for the DAP-1325.

Everything is identical, down to the leds, buttons, partitions, except that the default mac address for the wireless is the same as eth0, and the 5ghz radio.