Adding support for ASUS RT-AC53

Hello. How to install OpenWrt on my ASUS RT-AC53? This router is not in the supported devices list but it has enough flash 8MB and RAM 64MB.

The simple answer would be, "you don't". The device currently isn't supported by OpenWrt.

Yes, judging from it could be supportable, but someone with the device on their desk will still have to spend considerable time and effort on it to port OpenWrt to this particular device (which might, or might not happen - judging from the system specifications it's probably not an interesting device for others to pick and start working on, as you can find newer/ higher spec devices for less money).

I can try to start working on it. Which common way to add support of new device to OpenWrt? combined with checking the commits in the git history adding similar devices - and painstakingly checking what would be needed for your device.

Thanks. Will learn.

Can I try to flash with ASUS RT-AC51U image? AC53 and AC51U both have the same CPU.

The flash size is different for a start

Possible I should use AC51U as template and create a new device in sources tree based on it.

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@drizt Did you manage to flash this router with the OpenWRT firmware?
I have the same router and I would really like to flash my router as well.