Adding OpenWrt support Tp-Link WDR5620

Hey, friends. Really looking forward to Openwrt support for this CN router.
mt7620da + mt7613ben + rtl8367s
Factory Flash (gd25q32esig), has little space for openwrt, but I have 64 and 128 mbit flash

That means "Game Over!", as OpenWrt will only accept device support patches for the factory configuration (and 4 MB flash is way too small).

mt7620 is rather old and slow at this point, yes, it works - but nothing anyone would die for develop for, mt7621a is just so much better.

mt7613ben The red-headed stepchild of the mt76 chipset series, temperamental and no support for DFS channels.

If you want support for this device, you're all on your own - and no, OpenWrt is very unlikely to accept the resulting patches at this point (as there simply is no way to build a release build for 4 MB flash).


4MB is absolutely not viable for initial port.

I changed to 8MB flash and installed the openwrt version for C5 v4, but it does not work with this wifi module :frowning:

That's fine for you, but it means you now have one-off custom hardware, but if you wanted to get your device supported by OpenWrt, it would have to be for the mass produced version as it came from the factory.

…and that voided your chances to do reproducable development that would actually benefit the device in question.

Do yourself a favour, there is much better hardware these days - and it doesn't need to be expensive either.