Adding Openwrt Support Netgear RAX20

Hello there,

Any possibility of adding support for the Netgear RAX20?

Here's the official link: 4-Stream AX1800 Dual-Band WiFi 6 Router - RAX20 | NETGEAR

Netgear RAX20 - WikiDevi.Wi-Cat.RU

Broadcom is usually a dead end, from an openwrt point of view.


I know but doesn't hurt to try haha!

I mean there's such a huge amount of WIFI 6 routers coming with Broadcom...

And yet Broadcom couldn't care less about open source driver support... There's quite a bit more to it than 'trying'. More than you seem to know - no offense.

Vote with your wallet and don't buy Broadcom.


What he said ....

Supported AX devices -

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Then how does Tomato works if its all broadcom?

Because they (probably) have an NDA, allowing them to use the BCM close source code and BLOBs.

Just for fun, check the kernel version on a Broadcom based device.


Ohhhhhhhhh i see now i got it.

Thanks for the info.