Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi "Redmi Router AX6S"/"Xiaomi Router AX3200"

Success! I built the images myself and was able to install the image via the commands provided in your commit message. Thank you for the support.

you can re-generate the ecc data with mtk NAND_ECC_TOOL, which can be found in mtk-sdk:

for example:
make nvram.bin without ecc data, pad nvram.bin to 256K(2 blocks), then use sbch tool to generate ecc data:

# pad nvram.bin to 256K(2 blocks)
./sbch h 1Gb_2K_64 nvram.bin nvram.pad 0 0 2

# page size 2K, oob size 64b, for ESMT F50L1G41LB
./sbch e 1Gb_2K_64 nvram.pad nvram.ecc 0 0 0

# page size 2K, oob size 128b, for GD5F1GQ5UEYIG
./sbch e 1Gb_2K_128 nvram.pad nvram.ecc 0 0 0
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Did you build a new sysupgrade? thanks

Hi, the image that I used is this
You must set the ip address on your pc, and you can use Xiaomi Recovery Tool.
If you use other tftp software, you need rename the firmware by C0A81F02.img and setup dhcp server with

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also bricked mine :rofl: give me some time ...


telnet was still enabled?

Should -rootfs.ubi be written to overlay partition? not rootfs?

Do you know if those commands need to be executed before writing images to firmware, fimware1 and overlay using mtd?

nvram set flag_boot_success=1
nvram set flag_try_sys1_failed=0
nvram set flag_try_sys2_failed=0

EDIT: I've added a tutorial how to install OpenWRT


Wow, good job!

@thorsten97 I will bump the question, can you share the build config?

Maybe other guys with successful builds will know what I'm missing here to build factory.bin and rootfs images, only sysupgrade is produced with that config.

@namidairo wasn't the factory image definition removed from here and that's the reason why it's not being built? It was there before...

Ahhh ok, so guys in the PR suggested other partition layout than it was before and now only one needs to be flashed... Lovely, is there anyone to test the new image on stock fw?

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Is it as easy as it looks? If so I will buy 2 AX3200: they seem better than the Belkin RT3200 as the Xiaomi AX3200 has external antenna's.

It's a game of luck. If telnet is enabled, it's fairly easy. Otherwise, it's impossible at this moment.


Ok, clear. And you can tell from the box which version you have, I assume?

If you can get the RT3200 then get that, tbh. There's no amp stage on this one either to my knowledge, so any difference you would get in reception would probably be far outweighed by the better support on the Belkin/Linksys. Additionally, the antennas are soldered to the board, not connected with U.FLs or similar as they are on the Belkin.

Additionally, the enabled telnet on international units appears limited to early units. Presumably one may be able to map out which units may have it based on the manufacture date, but that's not really a sustainable solution in the long-term.


Thanks. Aside from the antenna’s the AX3200 can be mounted on the wall, which I prefer. And it costs 61 euro while I can’t find the RT3200 for less than 103 euro.

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I've been lurking around this topic for sometime, hoping this device gets supported by OpenWrt.

Are there any hopes?

The device is supported by OpenWrt if you manage to install it. However, installing it is a problem, mostly related to luck.


Do you know which version have telnet enabled?

AX6S (Chinese) or AX3200 (Global)?

There is no rule unfortunately. Based on the data so far, only earlier models of global ax3200 have it enabled.

So if I buy one unit with telnet disabled, there is no way to install openwrt?

Mine came with telnet enabled, a sticker outside the box shows the production date: 08/2021