Adding OpenWrt support for Strong 4G LTE Router 300

I've just bought a Strong 4G LTE Router 300. I've noticed that there is alredy a fw for an othere Strong device.
I was wondering if it is possible to create a fw also for mine. If yes, how can I do?

If your device isn't listed at, then it isn't supported at this point. While adding support for it might be possible (the technical specifications you're referring to are however insufficient to determine that), that would have to be done by someone with the opened device on their desk doing the actual development work on the source level. At this point you're the only one with access to this device, so it's either up to you or the faint chance that anyone else might stumble over it in the unspecified future (read, unlikely to happen by chance).

If you're looking for a smooth ride, check the ToH beforehand and pick already supported hardware.

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Hi, I looked at the other device you linked, would be very unusual if there are many system board similarities with the 4G device you have.

If you are keen to port openwrt yourself here’s some starting tips.

  • open the case and connect to it via serial. Take a detailed log of all the boot messages and identify all the hardware on the board.
  • try to stop the boot process in uboot and confirm what commands are available. In particular tftp booting options.

Once you know the cpu, wlan, ram size, flash size, see if there is an actually similar device in the open wrt TOH. If there is, see how far the other devices initramfs image will boot on your device and what works if it does. From there you can begin to create a suitable dts and images.

If there are no similar devices with an already existing image then you would be porting from scratch.

Best of luck.

Here you can find some photos I took of the bord, could you help me to identify the serial connection?
thank you

Probably the three holes on the 1st photo, since there are RX and TX markings on the PCB.

And if it’s not the TX RX through hole points perhaps the points marked bat det grnd.

Should be the tx rx points though. Connect there + a ground from the board.

3 holes, logic would suggest the middle pin beeing GND ,)

You would certainly hope so!

Are you talking about this ones?

Three holes, RX, TX ....

Yes, those are the ones

Thank you. I will take a try