Adding OpenWrt support for Sitecom WLR-5002 v2 001 X5 AC750

I have a Sitecom WLR-5002 v2 001 X5 AC750

short info:
its a MT7620A / MT7610EN design with RTL8367RB switch (4LAN,1WAN), 1xUSB 2.0
8MB Flash, 64MB RAM, onboard PCB antennas (3?) , PCB antennas on same board, not attached via pigtails
2 buttons (vendor: 2.4GHz, 5GHz)
On/Off Switch, 12V 1A barrel plug PSU

Silkscreen on PCB: AP699GE.8C.CW165-3 REV1.0
OEM should be SGE (Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics) - t&w trademark (source: wikidevi sites)

Serial not populated: J2 (pins on silkscreen)
front (leds)
back(lan ports)

Detail chips:
MT7620A 1522-BMTH FTP 33S89H
MT7610EN 1523-AMAL FTP38C22
Winbond W9751G6KB-25
Winbond 25Q64FUSIG 1527

vendor firmware UI reports HW: 1.0, Bootcode: 1.0, Runtime: 1.0

GPL Code available at Sitecom download for
Sitecom WLR-5002 v2 001 and for (1.01 FW from 2016)
Sitecom WLR-5002 v1 001 (FW from 2015)

the case design is similar / same to
WLR-4100v1 001
WLR-5100v1 001
source: ABS writing/part no.

random GPL Blob artefacts

  • T&W Inc.
  • similar to WLR-3100 (?)
  • firmware.img (no dlf format so different OEM from WLR-8100)

currently I have no equipment to solder serial but I wanted to mention this interesting router
(22€, 10€ ebay-kleinanzeigen) so I dont know when/if I have time to port

if you are in Germany/Berlin you could contact me for porting via lending / hardware swap / potentially gift

Have same device, interested as well!

Faced some trouble but cannot remember, best regards from south of Germany

I live in the Netherlands. I can gift it to you if you pay the shipping there.