Adding OpenWrt Support for Netgear RAX120 (Nighthawk AX12)

This question can be answered by @robimarko and @Ansuel

v1 SoC is not supported and never will be

Dear @remittor and @robimarko , I think I got a little confused myself and confused you too. Last time I took a photo of the chip from the Internet, because I was sure that it was the one installed. To make sure that something is wrong, I already disassembled my router and have IPQ8074A installed in it. Sorry for giving wrong information.

P.S. I noticed that one of the RAM banks is unmarked, isn’t that strange?

The issue is mainly the BDF (Board Definition File) which is basically radio calibration specifically designed for the device in question. There should be a file in the OEM firmware regarding that.
Another option (definetly non recommended, but willing to try once my unit arrives) would be to try an ipq8074 BDF from another unit (I'd be trying the one from the WRX-36).