Adding OpenWrt Support for Netgear RAX120 (Nighthawk AX12)

@jewest and @wangyu : I compiled both of your git repos and run the initramfs (by tftp).

With both I encounter the following problems:

  • luci doesn't work, I get a white page and the message Bad Gateway The process did not produce any response and the following utthpd errors can be found
  • the following kernel warning is constantly repeated:
    kern.warn kernel: [ 813.848079] hsl_phy_phydev_get[773]:ERROR:phy_addr 5 phydev is NULL

Is it different if I flash the correct image or do you guys also get these messages? Especially the not working luci is a bit of a bummer.

Update: I used @robimarko ipq807x-5.15-pr repo/branch and applied (most of) the RAX120v2 patch. Now luci works just fine. The phy_addr got away after I changed the devicetree.

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