Adding OpenWrt support for Netgear LM1200/LM1300

The the Netgear LM1200 and LM1300 are a 4G/LTE router/modem that provides ethernet connectivity only to host devices and no wifi. It can be operated in either bridge or router mode.

I can't find any tear downs or FCC certification information to assertion what what components and processor it is using.

Does anyone have any further information on the device to possibly enable OpenWrt support in the future?

FCC report:

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From the photos it has a Quectel EC25-AF LTE modem. But when the metal cover is removed it appears to have a Qualcomm 9207 LTE modem. Do the Quectel LTE modules use Qualcomm modems inside? I thought Quectel make their own modems?

I also having trouble discerning what component is the processor/SoC. Any ideas?

So it does appear the Qualcomm 9207 is both the LTE modem and SoC and that others have ventured down this path before:

Assuming the closed nature of Qualcomm devices, I don't imagine OpenWrt support anytime in the near future :frowning: