Adding OpenWrt support for Mikrotik hAP ac 3 [RBD53iG-5HacD2Hn]

Greetings, Mikrotik is present new router with not new hardware :slight_smile: the name of this device is Mikrotik hAP ac 3 RBD53iG-5HacD2HnD. Openwrt is support this device in the future?
Link to the hardware specs techinfodepot or official website


Most likely, it's almost the same hardware as ac2

The device hAP AC 3 came to me today.

When Iā€™m unpacking the router Iā€™m see this :slight_smile:

This sticker was on the device.

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That blue light haha, nice unit btw

How's the WiFi on ROS? Do the external antennas improved its performance?

The wifi is configured according to the default script so far, now speed 150 mbps, signal power on 5 ghz is better more then hap ac 2, i'm need to make good settings, which country to choose and other settings I don't know yet.

Try running btest on the router and check the speeds from a laptop, I used to get 400-440mbps next to the ac2 with ROS. I don't know if OpenWrt has a similar tool that isn't iperf.

Which region in settings have best performance?

They're tipically the same, only TX power can be different for certain channels on some countries

hello everybody ,he support gigabit sqm you think with openwrt to the future ?

hAP ac3 is supportable like ac2 as it's pretty much the same HW with double the RAM, 128M NAND, and external antennas.
I was looking at it as I have an hAP ac2 PR pending merge for a while, but I don't feel like spending 100+ EUR for a router just to add support.


Hap ac 2 is not good by temperature and have only 16 mb, bad WiFi performace, bad WiFi signal, hap ac 3 is very good in this moment and not a hot, have 128 mb NaNd, very good WiFi performance and strong signal. Iā€™m think it is the best of the Mikrotik home (or not home) router, or just best for me :grimacing:
If openwrt have problems with money and hardware we can donate :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, my 3 units dont have problems with temperatures (just a bit warm), the wifi signal is one of the best i had (only below the ubiquiti ac-lr) and with openwrt I can get 500 Mbps near the unit.

I don't need more than 16MB, even with 8MB i would be fine. The only thing i miss are the 256 MB of RAM.

I wouldn't get the AC3 now, their new Wave2 ROS beta contains Qualcomm WiFi 6 blobs so a possible hAP AX may get released soon with better specs


I'm also interested with this device. Any news?

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This should work as is the hardware is the same as hap ac2 I did order one to replace the rb951 waiting for it to show up, anyone tried the initramfs from ac2 does it work?


If Iā€™m donate you money to buy router, do you have time to work with firmware for him and work on firmware in future?)

How about this solution?

Since the hAP ac2 was finally recently merged I should be able to get ac3 working relatively quickly.
This time it should also get merged much faster, so I can work on it if provided HW or funding to acquire it.

How much cost HW in your country? Where are you from? How can Iā€™m send you money?

Do you work with another routers firmware?

Write me in p.m. or telegram

I will share the price and availability publicly.
I am from Croatia, and the price is around 100 EUR in the EU but nobody has them in stock.
Delivery dates are at least the end of April to mid-May currently.

You can check my history and see my work on the hAP ac2 as well as other Mikrotik and other vendor devices.

I will send you a PM.

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Yeap Iā€™m see your work on hAP AC 2 in development snapshots repo and on the forum. We are waiting when hAP AC3 have been in stock in some shops and buy them)))