Adding OpenWrt Support for Marvell CN9130-CRB

I'm adding OpenWrt Support for Marvell CN9130-CRB.
There are two similar devices already at the target menu of OpenWrt-20.02, so I think it is posible.
These devices are:

  1. iEi Puzzle-M901(cn9131 based)
  2. iEi Puzzle-M902(cn9132 based)

The image I built can run at cn9130-crb, but it can NOT recognize the SD card of device, if I use the DTS files that come with the kernel source(5.4.154).

If I use the DTS files that come with the SDK11.21.07(kernel-5.4.154) of Marvell CN9130, the SD card can be recognized, but the network interfaces can NOT be recognized.

I have tried to merge these DTS files that come with two sides, but it does NOT work.


  1. Am I doing things correctly?
  2. Any thing else should be done other than DTS?

Can you push your code somewhere and link it?

You know that the device has upstream kernel support?