Adding OpenWrt support for Linksys MX5300

Correct links to installation instructions can be found in the previous post.
Images can be downloaded from here:

Allright, thanks, i think i have it working, now the question is how to install luci

Snapshot builds usually don't have luci pre-installed. You can add it to the image using the firmware selector.
Or install afterwords by following these instructions.

Actually, I just tried the firmware selector and even with the default set of packages I could not get the firmware selector to make a build. It says " Error: Impossible package selection" Looking at the stderr, I see that many packages have a kernel version dependency that is not satisfied.

cannot find dependency kernel (= 6.6.33~7abde0b81ec161076a24e20c3e22fa12-r1) 

I got my MX5300 and have it working as a secondary AP for now with OpenWRT.
When you access the web interface on the stock firmware it'll show you page telling you install the mobile app. To bypass this, click on the picture of the smartphone.
Then login. Default password is admin.
Then click CA in the lower right to enable more options.
At this point you'll be able to install firmware files from your computer.
You'll get a filename warning with the OpenWRT firmware file. Continue and it worked.

In the kernel log, I see this usb clock issue.

I was able to install and use luci by doing

opkg update
opkg install luci luci-ssl

At the end it does show the similar kernel dependency error as the firmware selector. E.g:

 * pkg_hash_check_unresolved: cannot find dependency kernel (= 6.6.34~02fea4c5a81de007604bc46d7cf9bac7-r1) for kmod-nf-reject

luci works though.

This is fantastic and unexpected news all around. I have a mesh network consisting of 5 Linksys MX5300s, connected to a Turris Omnia. The stock Linksys firmware sucks and as mentioned above has no updates since 2022. With OpenWrt will I be able to create a new mesh network?

OpenWRT has a bunch of different ways of making a mesh.

I got a MX5300, Trying to flash OpenWRT.

Should I be following the steps on the git commit to flash the alt_kernel partition after flashing with official GUI?