Adding OpenWrt support for Linksys MR6350

Hi, Roland. You have done a great job trying to push MR6350 into OpenWrt formal release. I still have my MR6350 and would like to see it get through. However. tt seems that your MR6350 submission didn't get much attention by the development community and I doubt this forum is the right place to get their attention. (Maybe the Mod will notice and do that for you. :slight_smile: ) I have been reading OpenWrt Develop Archive occasionally and thinking maybe you want to find out how to join the mailing list and send something there to get developer's attention.


I have it too (I have two in fact) and I will have them for a long time. They work spectacularly in the Rolando Magico compilation and deserve to be in official support.

@psherman, @richb-hanover-priv, @aparcar

See this.