Adding OpenWrt support for Linksys EA9200

how to expand the nand flash ubifs size from 64mb to 128mb? thx
how to enable fpu? for this error
/opt/AdGuardHome# ./AdGuardHome
Illegal instruction

why it does not create a sysupgrade bin file only trx? thx

Currently the very basic DTS from the kernel is used, with no LED support and partial button support.

The full (?) GPIO assignment is revealed in publication/src/mod_bdutil/ within the GPL sources:
LEDs and buttons seem to be mostly active-low.

0: WiFi LED (amber led, on the side)
3: WPS button (on the side)
4: WiFi button (on the side)
6: USB0 LED (green led, white port)
7: USB1 LED (green led, blue port)
8: Main LED (white led, front, active-high)
13: USB0 enable (white port, active-high)
14: USB1 enable (blue port, active-high)
17: reset button (back)

Do you know if the 5GHz channel partition between phy0 and phy2 has some support in hardware? it seems that phy0 works just fine on channel 36.

The only thing is that phy0 power seems to be uncontrollable =

So I was able to successfully compile 22.03.5 with a bunch of packages installed by default here.

The problem is, I finally was able to get my hands on my router (was at another person's house) and it has firmware 1.1.9... meaning, I cannot revert back to the 1.1.5 firmware without using the serial method. Anyway, if someone wants to try this build, I can support them.

Went ahead and compiled 23.05.0 with a bunch of packages installed by default.

Here is the release page:

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I had to flashed these partitions so it doesn't restore back to the Linksys firmware

Ctrl + C to stop booting
You need to flash these 4 partition command via cfe
flash -noheader nflash0.trx
flash -noheader nflash0.trx2
flash -noheader nflash1.trx
flash -noheader nflash1.trx2

I can't access the router via ip address when I flashed 23.05.0. I can only access it via serial connection. Do not use this version.

This version works fine OpenWrt 23.05.2 r23630-842932a63d

I have the cfe file if you still need it.

Ive been running 23.05.2 for a bit now, and it was a long strange trip to getting this thing stable and useful. Initially, only two of the three radios would work at any given time, however thats not an issue anymore. Ive also got two atheros 9271 usb dongles running on it, so yikes 5 radios.