Adding OpenWrt support for Linksys EA9200

I posted in a thread about this router in the openwrt forum and was directed here.
I have bootlog and nvram show for this router.
I provided them to brainslayer over at dd-wrt but have not heard back.
Would there be any interest here for them?

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this.

That is a Broadcom unit, correct? I don't think Broadcom offers (or has) usable open source drivers. I think that is why Broadcom based units normally are only supported by DD-WRT (and some Tomato) in the opensource community. I believe DD-WRT has paid for access for this......

I could be off base though. So for now, I am just "talking" :slight_smile:

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Thanks, yes it's basically the same hardware as the netgear r8000 and asus rt-ac3200, which are supported.

I posted over a linksysinfo forum a few weeks ago but no response.
There was a thread on the openwrt forum, and a developer said he wanted the bootlog and nvram dump.

Btw, I'm Malachi on the dd-wrt forum.
I've been think of trying your build on my wrt1900ac.

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Link if allowed

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I suspect what Zajec would likely do is get a booting image on that device with a working switch driver. Though wifi would likely be something different.

However, someone with more knowledge would have to definitely answer (again just talking :wink: )

Welcome Malachi, I have seen you over the years in the DD-WRT forums, you have always been a good help. Nice to have you over here.

And sure, feel free to give my builds a try. For the 1900 devices, they are rock solid. The dev's in OpenWRT/LEDE have really come a long way, and mwlwifi is quite mature. 3200 is starting to come along.....
I just uploaded the new 1.02 images about an hour ago. Running great on my 1900AC v2 so far (though it's been pretty stable for a while now, so that's nothing new).

I'm not going to beg for the log & nvram, sorry.

I'm sorry, I don't understand your response.

[quote="joecop67, post:7, topic:1072, full:true"]I'm sorry, I don't understand your response.[/quote]You know exactly what we need. You wrote 7 posts and still didn't provide that basic info that is needed.

What are you talking about? No one has asked for any info?

[quote="rmilecki, post:6, topic:1072, full:true"]
I'm not got to beg for the log & nvram, sorry.[/quote]

You seem to know the information that is needed :slight_smile: Just post it. Nobody will be able to help you without any information whatsoever.

I don't know what is needed here. Obviously the bootlog and nvram dump wasn't enough for dd-wrt.
No point in posting it if it can't be done with just that info.
I'm new to this forum, so I don't know if it is allowed to be posted here.
Do I just post the text? Do I upload them to a file sharing site?
Is there a particular developer that I should email them too?
I get the feeling I've annoyed some people here already.

nvram show
show devices

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Pushing rule 12 a bit. :slight_smile:

Ya, just a pinch. I was wondering if I was the only one other than the OP scratching my head. Seems like a simple sure to the OPs original query:

[quote]Would there be any interest here for them?
[/quote]might have constituted something less than begging, but maybe that is just my NA anglophone linguistic sensibilities showing through.

Where are these rules?

Found them. I hope I didn't come across as not nice.

Edit: Sorry @joecop67 I did not mean anything against you or anyone else for that matter.

I feel like I've wandered in an alternate universe.
I wasn't asking for anyone to beg.
I'm one of the mods on the dd-wrt forum and active on the smallnetbuilder forum.
This forum seems really different than those 2.

I don't think @northbound was referring to you :slight_smile:

Ok. Thanks.

Well I posted the logs. Was anyone with any skill able to deduce if it can be supported?