Adding OpenWrt support for Linksys EA4500 v3


I'm just getting caught up on my backlog and rolled across a few of these ea4500v3's that are new in box. I've come to find that the v1 and v2 are supported but not the v3? Say it isn't so. I've combed the database and found just about every router out there with the same configuration and they are supported but for some reason Linksys' version of this config simply aren't. I had high hopes for these routers but if I can't put OPENWRT on them then I may as well just sell them on ebay. So can someone snap me out of this router firmware denial thing that I have going on here or pleasantly surprise me by telling me what version of OPENWRT firmware these will take. I'm fighting off this cloud of discouragement and brainstorming some use for these but its grim. Sorry for the Debbie Downer gig (I do have some other high quality routers that are supported, at least I have the thought that they are. This whole backlog thing, well, it can only go up from here). Thanks in advance and best regards.

Here are the specs:

Brand • Model • Rev
Linksys EA4500 v3


wireless router

Qualcomm Atheros QCA9558

CPU1 Speed
720 MHz

Flash1 Chip
Spansion S34ML01G100TFI00

Flash1 Size
128 MiB

RAM1 Size
128 MiB

RAM1 Chip
Winbond W971GG6KB-25

ETH chip1
Brand? Model?
Atheros AR8337
Ethernet Port Count

I have a EA-4500v2 and the radio was always crap no DFS support at all
these have better more well supported hardware but looks like you need to make it tho

...I was hoping that Openwrt would resolve any of the poor quality issues, ie unable to negotiate connection, drops, etc... Somewhere in a dark, dusty corner of my mind I imagined that there would have to be some Easybake oven action happening. (I've 'installed' quite a few open and closed source firmwares in my time but never got around to actually making one up from a mix (makes me feel like a newbie-wed all over again)). I've never bricked anything (unless you count that time 30+ years ago that I dropped a case screw onto a live Packard Bell 386 Sx motherboard=a self destruct button couldn't have done better) But then again ea4500 have dual firmware chips so they should be fairly difficult to break? well, if thats the way it has to be then I'll have to place them on the back burner for now and work the instant ones.

Have you heard of any security vulnerabilities in ea4500? Maybe I saw something abouit them being "wide open" but not certain about that...

I suppose the comm issues may clean up by adding external antennas? Those internal wire thingies look kind of useless, don't they?

Thanks for the suggestions? Much appreciated.

Anyone out there have much luck cooking their own brand of OPENWRT?

(Success/horror/failure stories welcome).

Problem isn't creating the DIY firmware, problem is the open source drivers are crap.

No matter how you package it, it's still going to be the same code inside.

Qualcomm Atheros is good tho
but the 88W8366 & 88W8063 was bad

Marvell wireless eh...

This hardware revision is not supported yet. Technically it should be supportable, but no one really knows until it ends on the desk of someone (you?) experienced to start the porting. While the hardware is o.k., it's nothing to write home about either (it's basically a tl-wdr4300 or wndr3800 with the CPU of the Archer c7 and larger NAND flash; 2* ath9k 802.11n) - and there are quite a few alternatives with similar specs that are already supported and would just work.

Thanks for the advice. I will more than likely either use this as a switch somewhere in my network or sell them on ebay; I do have other hardware that is more in line with OPENWRT firmware and will proceed from there. Thanks again and best regards.