Adding OpenWrt support for DIR-456U (Ralink RT3050)

Hi everyone!
The router was working fine then suddenly stopped connecting to any network. I observe that the date only stopped at December 2012 and won't go beyond that and can't update using the ntp server either. Updating to the latest firmware version dated 2011 didn't help matters. This modem has reached its end of life support with dlink.
After along search for an open source firm ware I came upon your website and from all indication you guys seem to be my best bet for solving this problem of forced obsolescence .I observe you already have a dedicated project page for Ralink/Mediatek devices available here:
My major pain point is how to create a custom rom for dlink Dir-456U router. Please I need a step by step guide. Thanks in advance for you great help

Detailed specs are as follows:

D-Link +
CPU1 brand
Ralink +
CPU1 clock speed
320 MHz +
CPU1 model
RT3050 +
DC Amperage
2 +
DC Voltage
12 +
Default IP address +
Default login password
admin +
Default login user
admin +
ETH chip1 brand
Ralink +
ETH chip1 model
RT3050 +
Embedded system type
wireless router +
Expansion IFs
6-pin SIM card +
KA2IR456UA1 +
FCC approval date
November 23, 2010 +
FCC approval year
2010 +
FLA1 Brand
Macronix +
FLA1 amount
4 MiB (4,194,304 B, 32,768 Kib, 4,096 KiB, 32 Mib, 0.00391 GiB, 3.814697e-6 TiB) +
FLA1 amount/MiB
4 +
FLA1 model
MX29LV320DBTI-70G +
FLA1 type
3G +
Global type
embedded system, wireless router +
Yes +
Has images
external +, retail +, internal +  and label +
Has tag line
HSUPA 3G Router Wireless N 150 +
LAN ports
2 +
LAN speed
100MbE +
Alpha Networks +
DIR-456U +
Model Part Number
Page name
D-Link DIR-456U +
Power connector
barrel +
RAM1 Brand
ProMOS +
RAM1 Model
V54C3256164VDI7 +
RAM1 amount
32 MiB (33,554,432 B, 262,144 Kib, 32,768 KiB, 256 Mib, 0.0313 GiB, 3.051758e-5 TiB) +
RAM1 amount/MiB
32 +
Radio1 802dot11 protocols
bgn +
Radio1 MIMO config
1x1:1 +
Radio1 Rx chains
1 +
Radio1 S streams
1 +
Radio1 Tx chains
1 +
Radio1 antenna connector
none specified +
Radio1 chip1 brand
Ralink +
Radio1 chip1 model
RT3050 +
A1 +
SIM slots
1 +
yes +
Stock bootloader
U-Boot +
Stock bootloader/dist
Ralink UBoot Version: +
Stock bootloader/full
U-Boot;1.1.3;Ralink UBoot Version: +
Stock bootloader/ver
1.1.3 +
Stock firmware OS
Linux +
Stock firmware OS/full
Linux;2.6.21; +
Supported 802dot11 protocols
bgn +
Switch brand
Ralink +
Switch model
RT3050 +
WAN ports
1 +
Wireless class
N150 +

This device's hardware specifications are too low to run OpenWrt
4Mb flash and 32Mb RAM is too little.

Also routers don't just "stop working" because the firmware is outdated, I think you have a different issue.

If your problem is just ntp server maybe it is just trying to connect to old servers that are not online anymore. Please add a known working ntp server link like from ntppool project.