Adding OpenWrt support for BT Smart Hub 2 Hardware

Hi all
I'm interested in converting new bt smart hub 2 to openwrt.
I took pictures to identify the hardware is supported or not ...
I am asking for opinions if something can be done.
dcx81ac0cfae3fnc dsp FLASH BASED SOC BASE
Wifi modules:
broadcom BCM43602KMLG - (802.11) SINGLE CHIP 3X3 11 AC
broadcom BCM4366ekmmlw1g - Wave 2 802.11ac 4x4 radio SoC
TC58BVG2S0HTA00 FLASH - NAND (SLC) Memory IC 4Gb (512M x 8) Parallel 25ns 48-TSOP I
bcm63138 rvkeebg 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor
HW Photos:

Thank you

Drivers are unavailable.
Don't waste your time on this.
Knowing BT they keep a tight seal on everything.

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I agree with you on this particular device. But not in general. As a counter-example to your general statement, BT Home Hub 5 Type A is fully supported with OpenWrt. It is is one of a very few OpenWrt devices with full ADSL/VDSL support and 5GHz wifi. It can be easily sourced on the second-hand market and offers an extremely good value for money.


I was hoping that there was something for the BT Smarthub 2 which I got free and presently is a glorified VDSL modem. For almost everything else I use a set of Homehub5As I picked up very cheaply on eBay. Basically 14 months on and can say I completely agree with @savostyanov - You can pick up HH5As for under £20 and I've been using a load of them as Routers, AP's, Switches and Relays to give me a LAN/WLAN with a couple of NAS's, RasPi's running Pi-Hole for redundancy in my DNS etc with separate firewalled VLANs for keeping IOT devices from reporting home and a segregated Guest network all with 2.4㎓ and 5㎓ Wi-Fi coverage throughout a house build when reinforced concrete walls and steel I-beams where in fashion. All in my IT infrastructure has cost me well under £100 and thanks to everyone who's played a part in creating OpenWRT, the great info on this forum, and a couple of notable Youtube channels that stopped me bricking kit, helped me unbrick some other kit and learn how to make a secure multifunctional network for less than a brand new medium price router that's probably running dubious firmware on a kernel that's not been changed or patched since the late 1990's (I wish I was joking!). I'll get fibre WAN hooked up in a couple of years and might look at the setup again but the HH5A is so cheap for what you get I haven't seen the need to use anything else. At least the Smarthub seems to get regular firmware updates from BT which is more than can be said for most modem/routers these days. :slight_smile: