Adding new OpenWrt Wiki feature: 2.5GbE Ports

Given that 10GbE ports are not popular yet, but there are a ton of routers being released in the past 2 years introducing 1 or many 2.5GbE ports, I think that for the Table of Hardware,it would be good to introduce data on how many 2.5GbE ports routers are providing from now on. I think it's very useful to know this for two reasons

  1. New Wifi bands tend to surpass 1Gb then it's very useful to start valuing this on a purchase
  2. Many routers introduce 1 port nowadays (the WAN port), and some are introducing more than 1, and none GbE ports, so the information now is in the wiki is very imprecise about this topic.
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See Table of hardware: add new fields for 2.5 GBit ports and outdoor devices - #8 by tmomas


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