Adding feature to LuCI Realtime Graphs

I would like to graph the signal from my modem in LuCI Realtime Graphs just like the wifi is done, however I cannot find where it is getting the wifi RSSI and noise data anywhere in wireless.htm. I know how to get the signal data from my modem, but I cannot do it in an XHR request.

Can someone explain where Realtime Graphs Wireless is getting the data from, or recommend an approach?

I noted that this page is different from other "polled" templates in LuCI, but I don't fully understand the differences, hence probably why I am stuck.

Edit: I think I found it, it's getting data returned by luci-bwc. Edit 2: I figured out the dispatch too, I think. The controller has an action() parameter, and that action defines the function gets the data, in this case it action_wireless, which is calling luci-bwc and formatting the JSON.