Adding DHCP Server enabled to Network Interfaces page

For IP ranges, The Network --> Interfaces does list the static ip address E.G. **IPv4:** The interface name solves the problem of remembering the purpose of interface. Hopefully a small change could be including a DHCP Server enabled: true/false on the Interfaces page.

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Do you mean something like this:

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In principle yes, but I had the problem with earlier versions that this box was not checked but I still did not get an IP via DHCP e.g. with a guest interface created by me. Only by manually adding the option dhcpv4 'server' in /etc/config/dhcp in the guest section it did work.

In consequence this non-checked box mislead me before I ckecked the config file ....IIRC

This only happens when odhcpd is used instead of dnsmasq as main DHCPv4 server. Afair LuCI does not support this scenario.


You are right but for a beginner/intermediate this is unexpected. At least it was for me ;- )

It would be really helpful if this could be changed, perhaps at least I could check the wiki and make a remark if there is not already one.....

No that is sort of buried. I was hoping for new line here right below IPv4

Screen Shot 2024-02-12 at 11.55.15 AM