Adding a video section to the documentation

Since I'm a bit of a goat when it comes to actual networking setups and I wanted to upgrade a bit my home network to have more segregation, I've been looking up for quick primers on firewall and routing on Linux/OpenWrt.

I've found a video on youtube that I think is very good for newcomers and explain how that works and how to do it on a recent OpenWrt device

Would it make sense to have a "video guides" section under the "Documentation" category where we can link videos (probably mostly on youtube but also on any other platform) that have value for OpenWrt or networking setups?

Since I think we need to make sure the videos on it are useful and decent, it could be restricted to admins/developers and any video idea should be first posted and reviewed on a dedicated thread in this forum section first.

@richb-hanover @tmomas

Why a separate section, instead of linking to a video directly on the respective pages?