Addiing intel denverton pinctrl driver in openWRT v22.03.0-rc3

hii i am trying to adding this intel denverton pinctrl driver in my image and i am using openWRT v22.03.0-rc3 but after enabling in it's not getting build i am adding aal the steps how i enable it.

1- After make kernel_menuconfig To turn on Denverton pin controller is under “Power management and ACPI options” I selected “ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) Support”. After selection this ACPI setting, the pin controller for Denverton can be found under “
Device Drivers” and “Pin controllers” followed by setting “Intel Denverton pinctrl and GPIO driver”, I also enable the debug setting
“Debug PINCTRL calls”.

2-after the first step i set the under the general setup i set 2 set Kernel .config support and Enable access to .config through /proc/config.gz.

and then make enabling my other packages and then make ,image is getting build but it's dose't denverton pinctrl driver .
can anybody help to build it? or could tell me what i am doing wrong?

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