Addblock and DNS

Dear Friends,
I have spent already a few days but, I cannot find any solution. Could you please help?

I have an ISP router, set DNS
Behind, I have an openWRT router with default settings. I installed adblock on it with unbound.

The problem is;
Dns leak test shows the DNS as

When I disable "Use DNS servers advertised by peer", there is no DNS resolution so no internet on the clients.
On client side Ipconf is default, openwrt is D.gateway, DNS. Somehow adblock does not function as a DNS server.

I have done NO additional conf on the router. Factory reset, updates and adblocked installed. That is all. Everything is default. No help. Still the same problem.

Adblock shows as below:

Status / Version error / 4.0.4
Blocked Domains 0
Active Sources adaway, adguard, disconnect, yoyo
DNS Backend -, -
Run Utils uclient-fetch, /usr/bin/awk
Run Interfaces trigger: -, report: -
Run Directories base: /tmp, backup: /tmp, report: /tmp, jail: /tmp
Run Flags backup: 1, reset: 0, flush: 0, force: 0, search: 0, report: 0, mail: 0, jail: 0
Last Run reload, n/a, 478/386/369, 15.04.2020 21:45:24

Would you please help?
Thank you in advance.

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No, adblock is not a DNS server, it's a DNS proxy, what server is the OpenWrt device configured to use?

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